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Hoyt Powermax Bow Only LH 50-60 Pounds 25.5-30 RT Edge New Other

Hoyt Powermax Bow Only LH 50-60 Pounds 25.5-30 RT Edge New Other
Hoyt Powermax Bow Only LH 50-60 Pounds 25.5-30 RT Edge New Other
Hoyt Powermax Bow Only LH 50-60 Pounds 25.5-30 RT Edge New Other

Hoyt Powermax Bow Only LH 50-60 Pounds 25.5-30 RT Edge New Other    Hoyt Powermax Bow Only LH 50-60 Pounds 25.5-30 RT Edge New Other
Hoyt Powermax Bow Only LH 50-60 Pounds 25.5-30 RT Edge New Other. New Other This is a brand new bow, Will come with all paperwork: May not come in original box.

PSE has divided their bows up into categories this model year to make it a bit easier for customers to choose what makes the most since for them. The Ferocity is part of the Evolve series, which highlights the smoothest drawing, highest let-off models they are producing for 2018. The Ferocity can also be outfitted with factory accessories if shooters are interested in doing that as well. PSE has always produced bows for every shooter, in every price range, and this year offering a binary cam bow at such an affordable price point should really benefit PSE.

The Ferocity bow comes with three package options right from the PSE factory for those shooters wanting to leave the bow shop with everything they need to get started right out of the box. When just beginning in the world of archery, or hunting, there are hundreds of choices for accessory options, and it can be very overwhelming. For those just starting out, it is sometimes easier to choose a bow that comes with everything and just have fun learning how to shoot.

PSE knows and understands that, and has designed some options for outfitting the Ferocity. For starters, shooters can choose the entry-level package.

This option is known as the Ready to Shoot package, and includes an Amp sight, a whisker biscuit rest, an FX 4 Stabilizer, Raven Quiver, a sling, peep, and nock loop. For the absolute decked out package, shooters can choose all the package accessories above and add a True-Fire Hurricane Release, Element bow case, and a 4-pack of arrows to the deal. Most budget friendly models have limited finish options, and are often times different than the flagship models. That is not true for the Ferocity.

PSE has decided to offer all the options offered on the 2018 flagships on the Ferocity. For those wanting camo patterns, Mossy Oak Break-up Country and the new to PSE Kryptek Highlander are the two patterns of choice.

For those not wanting camo, or doing a great deal of hunting from blinds, the black and charcoal options are the two options. All of the finish look well done, and should live up to the durability standards PSE has always had. The dipping process used at PSE is well applied and leaves the bows looking blemish free. The finish will look great and should last a long time under normal use conditions. The Ferocity is a long riser, short limb, and compact hunting bow.

In the past, short bows meant a short riser, which often felt less stable because of the shortened riser. PSE has designed the Ferocity riser in a way that maximizes the riser length, while still maintaining a compact 30.75-inch axel-to-axel measurement. The cast aluminum riser on this model is very well done, and the bare bow price is kept at a fairly lightweight 3.5-pounds.

The cutouts in the riser are not the same as the more expensive rigs, but it still has the look of a PSE bow. The traditional style, non-adjustable carbon rod and standard cable slide is the chosen containment system. PSE utilizes flexible, moveable roller systems on other rigs, but the Ferocity is not equipped with anything too fancy. It does have a nice rear mounted string stop system, and a front mounting stabilizer bushing to help deaden vibration and better balance the bow.

These features are nice to have, and have basically become standard issue for bows on the market in 2018. The grip is similar to other PSE models in this price point featuring a fairly narrow grip, which fits comfortably along the shooters thumb pad. The portion going into the hand is slightly rounded and it really feels nice resting against the hand.

It is not as thick of a grip as some other PSE models, which seems to be better received by the masses as well. The grip is part of the casted riser, and does not have any side plates. Those wanting to add a little customization using grip tape will be able to given the relatively small grip for a starting point to build on. PSE popularized split limb bows years ago, and they have become characteristic of the brand. The shorter limb configuration calls for a little less pre-stress at rest than some other PSE models, but the design creates a really compact model overall.

Shooters can choose between peak weights of 60 or 70-pounds, which seems a bit unfortunate considering how short the draw length goes. However, the limb bolts are capable of 12 full turns giving a ton of draw weight adjustment to each configuration. The industry standard is 10-pounds of adjustment, but the Ferocity limbs and pockets allow for almost three times the normal 10-pound standard.

The limb pockets are a polymer material, which seems to have a bad reputation in some online chat rooms, but the function is absolutely fine and there should be no major issues with durability or functionality. This bow features the all-new three track binary Ferocity cam system, which functions like a more traditional binary cam system. PSE has a variety of other Evolve series bows, which feature the Evolve Cam System.

The function of these cams is different, but similar at the same time. The Ferocity cam does not have yokes for tuning, but does wrap the cable in the third track on the cam on one side.

In going with the Evolve Series characteristics, the Ferocity system has 80% let-off, while still shooting speeds up to 328 feet per second. The rotating module also offers draw length adjustments from 24.5-30-inches in half-inch increments using the rotating module without needing a bow press to make any changes.

Draw Cycle/ShootabilityThe Ferocity cam system gives shooters what many are looking for in a hunting for 2018. Those just starting in the world of archery, or hunting, will have a better shooting experience if they do not have to fight the draw cycle on their bow of choice.

The Ferocity draws smoothly from start to finish, and characteristic of binary cams, the input from the shooter is less than expected for the performance in arrow speed and energy. The peak draw weight starts to lessen a little earlier in the draw cycle and transitions very smoothly into the valley. The back wall is pretty solid, but if shooters pull hard into the back wall, they will fell a little sponge at the end. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is not as solid as a double limb stop bow would feel like.

While holding on target, the short limbs and larger cams keep the string angle pretty comfortable on the shooter's face. It may get a little steep for shooters at the upper edge of the draw length range, but for most it will be fairly comfortable. The bow holds well on target also even with its smaller stature. After the shot, there is some vibration, but that is not hard to justify given the weight of the bow.

It is mostly tamed with accessories added. The Ferocity is fairly lightweight also, which will be easy packing in and out of hunting stands. The Ferocity is a budget friendly beginner bow, and that is not insulting in any way. This bow is a hunting bow for those just getting started, or on a pretty strict budget. The compact axel to axel measurement in addition to the short limbs make this model compact enough for any tree stand or ground blind situation. The lightweight 3.5-pound bare bow weight also allows shooters to carry it on trips without much struggle either. PSE has always done a great job creating bows in a variety of markets based on what shooters demand, and the Ferocity fills the need for those wanting a compact hunting bow just getting started in archery. The Ferocity is a nice shooting compact bow. The Ferocity binary cam system delivers everything newer archers want in a hunting bow, has a great deal of draw weight and draw length adjustability, and is affordable for just about anyone wanting to get started. PSE has really delivered again creating a bow that checks a ton of highly sought after hunting bow specifications, while keeping the final price cheaper fully set up than a bare flagship bow. It is very hard to find anything wrong with this bow. For those on the market for a compact hunting bow, without the need to have the latest and greatest riser technology, the 2018 PSE Ferocity should be on the list of bows to test shoot before deciding which one is right. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Outdoor Sports\Archery\Bows\Compound". The seller is "jayssportinggoods" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Dexterity: Left Hand
  2. Draw Length (in.): 25.5-30
  3. Color: Mossy Oak Country
  4. Custom Bundle: No
  5. MPN: 1444724
  6. Material: Aluminum Alloy
  7. Draw Weight (lbs.
  8. Archery Type: Bow Hunting
  9. Suitable For: Men
  10. Modified Item: No
  11. Brand: Hoyt
  12. Overall Length (in.): 30.75
  13. Model: Powermax
  14. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Hoyt Powermax Bow Only LH 50-60 Pounds 25.5-30 RT Edge New Other    Hoyt Powermax Bow Only LH 50-60 Pounds 25.5-30 RT Edge New Other